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Collective Member



Our Methods

Collective Management

Our collective model is an alternative to the hierarchical structure of most farms. We operate with three co-managers, distributing responsibility and reducing burn out!

This method of horizontal management creates a more relaxed environment for both managers & employees. 

We profit share with all employees and provide living wages. 

Community Support

Siembra’s location, 2 miles from downtown, allows us to engage actively with local community!

We offer weekly work trade/volunteer hours, allowing community members to engage with the farm, learn from our practices, and receive a share of our produce.

We provide a Community Supported Agriculture program, where members subscribe to a share of our produce throughout the season. 


Our practices focus on balancing resource use with the crop needs.

Water management: drip irrigation provides water directly to the plants’ roots, avoiding excess use. 

Nutrient management: using on-farm compost & regular soil testing to ensure we are only feeding the plants what is necessary.

Soil management: cover cropping, crop rotation, and applying organic matter creates a balanced soil nutrient profile for our crops.

Pest Control: all of the energy we put into soil & nutrient management promotes healthy plants which increases our crops’ ability to fight off pests.